weapon b (nausea) wrote in easternexpress,
weapon b

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February 27 2005, 01:09:38 UTC 13 years ago

This is an absolutely disgusting site. Why make fun of some one elses misery. Absolutely gross. Get a life. Haven't you any thing better to do then post up dates mocking people?
It only takes about 30 seconds to make a post like this, so "having nothing better do to" is pretty worthless. Thanks for the default response, though. Also, you're a pussy.
I could be wrong, but Christopher Reeve is dead and probably wouldn't care if I was poking his misery, or his dead corpse. And no, honestly I don't. So what is it you have, a life or a pair of nice balls? So far from what I can tell, you're missing out on the balls.
We don't come over and interrupt your N.A.M.B.L.A. meetings so why bother us? You either have no sense of humor or you are live in a little bubble world were everything is proper and politically correct. You are nothing but a boring hypocrite. Yeah sure, tell us not to waste our time on something stupid like this journal yet you waste your time coming here trying to stir shit up. I believe you are the real loser here.


February 27 2005, 01:20:30 UTC 13 years ago

Oh Heck, what a dumb 'journal' (is that the right word to use?) easternexpress is. I've just stumbled across it and just wished I hadn't.
Hey I've a great idea, why don't you mount a horse and (hopefully some one with brains will spook it) and then we all have a good laugh at your hilarious tragedy.
I could really use that, thanks. Go find someone else to haggle, cripple!


February 27 2005, 16:59:00 UTC 13 years ago

Yes, you are definitely a person with out a life.
I feel quite sorry for you.
What is the world coming to? Hopefully not people like you.
You fucked up, paulini. I get the emails for comments from people even if they're too stupid to select anonymous and delete the comment directly after the mistake. You can really see I'm being serious when I insult cripples. *eyeroll*

Explaining this to someone with the amount of intelligence you so clearly possess would be a great waste of my time. I thought your stupidity was just merely an accident, you know, Reeve supporter or general Superman fan. But it's obvious that it knows no bounds!

If you keep commenting telling me how I should get a life or trying to bestow your pity upon me, you'll make the baby Jesus cry. And being a 15 year old Christian girl, you don't want to do that, do you?

Thanks for the entertainment, paulini. Hahaha.
Wait he's not a cripple anymore. He's just another dead asshole, like Kurt Cobain or Phil Hartman.


February 28 2005, 04:28:20 UTC 13 years ago

Hey Dude!
Did I really 'fuck' up or not? Am I really 15 or am I? Of course any one with brains would hardly put up their age etc for half the world to see, un less it was a fake. Any way I'll leave that for you to figure out.

Oh by the way, just to let you know, I wont be coming back to this (so called) 'journal'. So don't bother commenting back on this one unless you want to waist another '30 min' of your life, cos I won't be back to read it.
First, yes, you fucked up. Second, you make less sense than I do when I'm drunk. Third, it's "waste." Take a third-grade English class, you dumb broad. Third, I think you really are fifteen and that's a total cop-out because you have no other excuse for yourself. Fourth, you will come back to troll and you'll sic your idiot friends on us, and it will be all the more entertaining. Fifth (I can count to five, are you jealous?), since you've shown your ass and been busted, why are you still commenting anonymously? And sixth (I don't even need to use my fingers to count!), this took...about forty-seven seconds, not "30 min."

And in case you're wondering, Christopher Reeve is a total scumbag and if you were paralyzed, and he wasn't dead, which he is and we are glad for, he wouldn't give a flying fuck about you.

And I don't think Jesus likes it when you say "fuck." Or are you pretending to be a Christian as well?