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easternexpress's Journal

Eastern Express: The Horse that did.
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Hello, and welcome to easternexpress, the community dedicated to the amazing Horse that snapped Christopher Reeve's spine like a twig, thus revealing to the world what a scumbag he really is. Feel free to discuss why he is a scumbag, to post your favourite pictures and make fun of them, and tell distasteful jokes about his tragic hilarious accident or death, but let us not forget why we're here: Because of Eastern Express, the Horse that did.

So, onto the rules:

Keep posts on-topic! If you need to know what is considered on-topic after reading the above paragraph, you don't need to be here. Plug your own community elsewhere.

Intro posts are welcome, but combine them with a post praising The Almighty Eastern Express or making fun of the little cripple that couldn't. While we're glad you're here, we don't really care what your hobbies are, and if you're here just to boost your friends list, fuck off.

Due to different types of layouts, everyone's definition of a "large" image is different, so if there's any chance of it throwing anyone's layout off, put it behind a cut, and keep in mind, multiple images can choke up some dial-up modems, so be considerate.

Literacy is very important. "U" is not a word, and over-use of "lol" and other such rapings of the English language will get you banned, and your mods, nausea and stopityou, are power-tripping assholes. We'll mod your ass and high-five like frat boys who just got laid. Weeks later, we'll still be bragging about booting the moron who typed lIkE tHiS. Be as offensive as you want, but be smart about it.

Regarding flame wars: Hell, as long as you don't try to get us involved (We can get ourselves involved, thank you), knock yourself out. They're an essential part of the internet and while they can be prevented, who cares? However, making a post personally attacking another user will probably get you banned, unless you have a really good reason for it.

To all trolls: We're not at your pro-...whatever communities crap-flooding your friends pages with unreable shit, are we? No, and we won't start, so we'll thank you in advance for saving us the trouble of deleting your post and banning you. We are not anti-quadrapledgic. We're anti-scumbag, so keep that in mind.

Having said that, if you do something else that pisses us off, we'll warn you, make a rule about it, and ban you if you do it again.

Got all that? Good. Hurry up and join, you fool!
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